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Avignon, great city of the popes, and for centuries one of the major artistic centres of France, can be dauntingly crowded in summer and stiflingly hot. But it's worth braving for its spectacular monuments and museums, countless impressively decorated buildings, ancient churches, chapels and convents, and more places to eat and drink than you could cover in a month

Avignon Tourism

Avignon has been the seat of Popes in France for more than a century now. Even today it retains the indelible mark of the Popes stay. It is a prestigious cultural city. This French province abounds in marvels. ...

Councils of Avignon

The Councils of Avignon are Councils of the Roman Catholic Church. The first reported council was held in 1060, though nothing is known about the events of the council. In 1080 another council was held, with ...

Avignon Geography

Avignon is situated on the left bank of the Rhône, a few kilometres above its confluence with the Durance, about 580 km (360.4 mi) south-east of Paris, 229 km (142.3 mi) south of Lyon and 85 km (52.8 mi) ...

Avignon Weather

If you are wondering about the weather and the climatic conditions in Avignon and have trouble deciding as to when to explore this majestic city of Popes and is confused as to what is the right time to visit ...

Avignon History

The site of Avignon was settled early; the rocky outcrop (le Rocher les Doms) at the north end of town overlooking the Rhône may have been the site of a Celtic oppidum or hill fort. During the Roman ...
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