Rempart St Michel (food market) Avignon

Avignon is a small town but even so, like most of those in Provencal, its market life is rich and colorful. The market in Avignon is a real treat for all the shoppers. Shopper's can wander all day long on the ...

Terre et Art Avignon

You must not miss any chance of pottery shopping in Terre et Art, Avignon . It will be one of your most cherished shopping experiences in France. Provencal pottery is really very distinctive. Provence ...

Vincent Joaillier Avignon

If you love shopping and your mantra in life is to “shop till you drop”, then your French holiday will offer you several options for indulging in your favorite past time. Specially, Avignon in ...

Rue des Fourbisseurs Avignon

The French Province and the seat of the Popes- Avignon is a charming neighborhood of shopping lanes, narrow residential streets and little back alleys. Some of these routes are for pedestrians only, especially ...

Place des Carmes (flower & flea market) Avignon

A flea market has many names in different parts of the world. For example, a flea market is also called swap meet in America. But essentially in all flea markets vendors arrive to trade their goods or sell. ...

La Cave du Bouffart Avignon

La Cave du Bouffart, Avignon is known for its exotic Provencal wines. In Avignon, the main shopping street is rue de la Republique where Monoprix department store, FNAC and many other well known brands are ...
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