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Rue des Fourbisseurs Avignon

The French Province and the seat of the Popes- Avignon is a charming neighborhood of shopping lanes, narrow residential streets and little back alleys. Some of these routes are for pedestrians only, especially in the shopping center just southeast of Place de l'Horloge. Take a short break to wander Avignon's gorgeous medieval streets, and indulge in some boutique shopping. The best way for visitors to explore Avignon is to wander through its maze of medieval streets.

To go by the legend many of these streets got their names from inns such as rue du Chapeau Rouge or from trades – such as Rue des Fourbisseurs which means ‘weapon sharpeners'. Take a tour one block over to Rue des Fourbisseurs, Avignon one of the chief shopping street in town, lined with shops, galleries and restaurants.

Rue des Fourbisseurs lays claim in housing the frontage of the old couvent de Sainte Eutrope. The street has now turned into a commercial hub. The street is a pedestrian zone. The street is not far from the place Saint Didier and the old market of fabrics.

Avignon is an ideal town for buying mementoes and souvenirs. If you are shopping in this French Province then you can better opt for the Provencal specialties. It includes olive oil, lavender, brightly printed fabrics, sugared fruits, chocolate and fig or melon jam. If you are looking for some Occitan pottery of the medieval times then do head for rue des Fourbisseurs. You will simply be amazed to look at the wide variety of the Provencal pottery that is displayed out in the little shops of the street. Lovers of the mustard yellow and olive green of Provencal pottery will be spoilt for choice at Terre et Art located at 29 rue des Fourbisseurs. The astonishing variety of Provencal pottery is sure to hold your attention for a long span of time.

If you are a wine connoisseur or simply looking for a place to sample some regional wine then this is a great place to stop and sample regional wine. A good selection of regional wines can be found at La Cave du Bouffart at 14 rue des Fourbisseurs.

Shops in this street are open from Monday to Saturday, with smaller boutiques closing for lunch and on Monday mornings. So do check out this place for a leisurely shopping experience or just take a stroll along the Rue des Fourbisseurs.
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