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Avignon City Walls

The original city walls of Avignon were razed after a successful siege by Louis XIII and the Pope's armies in 1226. New fortifications were subsequently built without the Church's approval, and those walls were also torn down.Today's ramparts date back to the mid-1300s, when they were built over a 10-year period to protect the city against highwaymen. The walls were expanded and modified over the centuries until France's Monuments Historiques began restoring them in the 1860s.

The Avignon City Walls are preserved fortifications in the historical city of Avignon in France . The whole old city of Avignon is surrounded with ramparts that had been built on order by Pope Innocent VI between 1355 and 1368. The ramparts had been built in irregular distances. The structure comprises 8 gates and 39 towers.

The total length of the Avignon City Walls is 4.8 km. The ramparts are well-preserved also due to the repair work during the 19th and 20th century. Along the ramparts you will come across numerous historic and modern architectonic monuments. The Avignon City Walls and the historic old town of Avignon are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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