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Musee Requien Avignon

Musee Requien in Avignon is one of the most fascinating museums in the country. It has a floor area of 1200 square meters. The museum is dedicated to the world of natural history. The collections have not ceased to be improved since Esprit Requien established the museum. These collections are not only admired by the common man by they are a referral point with the specialists in art world from all over the world.

Researchers carry put scientific research in the museum which over the years, has become a famous research center. It participates in French and other European scientific projects.

Musee Requien, Avignon is a veritable minefield of scientific knowledge. Scientific thematic exhibitions are organized for over fifteen years. Some of the thematic exhibitions were major draws for people from the scientific back ground as well as for those who are not involved in any scientific research. The museum is involved in sponsoring awareness programs concerning the major problems of contemporary world like major risks, environment pollution, and the like.

The exhibition, Geology of the Vaucluse helped to take people back by at least 5 billion years. This exhibit is thought to be an initiating course in the discovery of the Mother Earth and its animal population over the ages. Frozen in time, fragile traces of life held captive in the layers of sediment, or minuscule chemical drops in sparkling crystal are honored and find their place as works of art.

From the inanimate Universe , you will be mesmerized to find ammonite gushing out from the depths of time, a grant withe shark, horses with three toes and gypsum crystal. The inanimate world has been detailed thoroughly from the prehistoric times to modern ages. There are many exhibits on modern flora and fauna as well. Musee Requien, Avignon is also a place for the proliferation of knowledge. Permanent, as well as changing exhibitions add to the diversity of modern science.
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