Cinemas in Avignon

Avignon is not only a city of museums and monuments but is also a hub of cultural activities of France. In fact, Avignon is famous all over the world for its theatre festivals. You also must have heard about the rich culture of Avignon. Once you reach there, you will find a lot of famous cinemas  in Avignon.

You can find about 20 cinema halls in Avignon. Among them those which are worth mentioning are:

» Cinéma Capitole: This cinema hall in Avignon with four screening rooms is located at 3, rue Pourquery de Boisserin

» Utopia: One branch of it is at 4, rue escalier Ste Anne.

It plays an important part in the cultural life in Avignon, France . If you are a film lover in Avignon and want to watch good films while seating in a cultured environment then you must visit Cinéma Utopia, Avignon at least once. Cinéma Utopia has two branches in Avignon. In the one located at La Manutention arts center, 4 rue escalier Ste Anne you can enjoy art films in original language. If you are a fan of the serious art films then you should go to any of the five 5 movie theatres of this branch of Cinéma Utopia .

It is also a student entertainment and cultural center having a jazz club and a café. However, if you do not enjoy films in their original languages then Cinéma Utopia has another branch of it located at 5, rue Figuière, north of place St Didier. Here you can watch dubbed films. In both the halls of Cinéma Utopia, Avignon , you can watch independent work of famous directors which you cannot see everywhere. You can also get a copy of the La Gazette Utopia , a free monthly listings magazine that is produced and released by Cinéma Utopia.

» Pathé Cap Sud is one of largest cinema halls in Avignon. It has 10 screens and is located at 175, rue Pierre Sémard.

Pathé Cap Sud, the 10 screen multiplex on rue Pierre Seghers is the city's biggest cinema venue and screens all the latest releases while Cinéma Utopia , at La Manutention arts centre is the place to catch foreign movies.

»Vox cinema 22 place Horloge 84000

Cinema Vox of Avignon mainly presents mainstream films including odd art house films. Some of them come in main language. If you are wondering whether a visit to Cinema Vox would pinch your pocket too much then do not worry! The tariffs in Cinema Vox are very much approachable. The vox mainly lives in June with American workshop in Franco- American festival and in the month of July by accomplishing parts for the Festival of theatre.

The moment you enter Cinema Vox, you will be dumbfounded by seeing the main hall. Spacious is not enough to describe it, you can use the word huge! Relax in any of the arm chairs which are very cozy and comfortable. There are 2 rooms in Cinema Vox and you can watch the films in any of the halls. The Cinema Vox in Avignon France always pictures French films. Therefore, any of you enthusiastic about French films can go to Cinema Vox.

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