Hiking in Avignon

A tourist who loves hiking can find the South of France to be the one of the best places in the world for hiking. Avignon in France is a wonderful place for hiking. The preferable time is July-August since that is the tourist season. If you are visiting Avignon at that time then make it a point to make prior reservations in the hotels otherwise you have to spend the nights in makeshift tents or sleeping bags. However, you can also go in the winter season if you are sturdy enough but in winter you get very little time for hiking since the sun goes down at 5.30.

You might have difficulties in getting hotel reservations also since most hotels are closed either because of the adverse weather conditions or because of the hunting season. Hiking in Avignon is a wonderful experience especially the day-hikes in Avignon and the surrounding areas.

After you reach Avignon start hiking! It is good to make Uzes, the village near the Pont du Gard, the starting point of hiking . Appreciate the scenic villages and hike the distances of 15-20 km. Cross Villeneuve which will fall on a small road on your hiking path. Hike along the road that will let you see villages Pujaut, Sauveterre and Roquemaure. When you come close to Roquemaure, then climb up the Roc Trouca. After crossing the Plateau de Vallongue, you will come to Tavel. This serene village is a must visit place with wonderful vineyards! Stay for some time and enjoy the local vintages! Here you can stay in any of the local 3 star restaurants.

After spending the night you can go to south of Tavel and after crossing the forests get to the village of Rochefort-du-Gard. It is also a must visit place because of the famous Notre Dame de Grâce. Here you can enjoy accommodation and food if you want to, in the village of St Hilaire d'Ozilhan. Spend the day walking, so that you can enjoy watching this monument and also the beautiful vineyards and the landscapes.

If you wish to hike back to Uzes, the starting point of hiking , you can do that too. Take the trail along the Gard River and cross Collias and Sanilhac villages. Do not forget to visit the Pont des Charrettes. Another must visit place while hiking in Avignon is the Museum of Haribo-sweets. Visit this shop which narrates to you the history of Haribo, the most famous confectioners in France.

So, when you are visiting Avignon, enjoy hiking in Avignon ; it is the best way to relish the beauty of Avignon.

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