Nightlife in Avignon

Cafés and Bars are open until late at night, discotheques are open until early at the morning and nightclubs are open all night. Avignon nightlife is very relaxed and you can have fun in the discos or in any of the 20 cinemas there. If it's a glass of wine you prefer, there are also many bars to choose from. It's important to know the legal drinking age in France is 16, so if you're travelling with teenagers it is a good idea to let them taste the good wine of this region.

For an exciting nightlife in Avignon, you have many options in terms of bars, nightclubs, pubs and other public entertainment. Avignon embodies all things French, so you can expect the same standard of nightlife here as in other major French cities. But those of you who are very fond of spending time in casinos, will be somewhat disappointed as Avignon does not have casino to help you try out your lady luck!

If you are culturally inclined, and loud, rowdy discos are not quite your scene, then then for a night out with opera, drama and classical music book, head straight for the Opera d'Avignon. Here the night is always young with traditional masterpieces composed by some of the greatest composers of all times.

In Rue des Teinturiers, you will find several theatres that feature matinees and late night performances. In this context, a visit to Theatre du Chien qui Fume and Theatre du Balcon or Theatre du Chene Noir would not come amiss.

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Avignon, during festivals, then you can be sure of finding the bars, restaurants and shops staying open till the early hours of the morning. Though for the year round the bars on cours Jean Jaur
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