Opera'd Avignon

Avignon is a rich cultural city. The reflection of the rich culture can be observed from the very presence of so many cinema centers and the much celebrated Avignon film Festival. Avignon is rich with cultural interests. If you want to explore the culture prolificacy of Avignon then a visit to the Opera'd Avignon is a must. Without doubt, Avignon's key cultural event is the Avignon Festival in July. However, another important tool for the culture enthusiasts of the city is Opéra d'Avignon.

The foundation of majestic Opéra d'Avignon dates back to the 19 th century. The gracious Opéra d'Avignon was built in 1847 that overlooks place de l'Horloge. If you are visiting the rich cultural city of Avignon from June to October then you must witness the plethora of programs running in the Opera d' Avignon . The cultural season of Avignon hits its zenith from October to June. It includes operas, operettas and symphonic and chamber music concerts, as well as theater and ballet.

The programming in the Opera d' Avignon gives testimony to a judicious balance between the various shapes of spectacle: operated , dance , theatre and music . The plurality of the demonstrations and the various programs showcased in the Opera d' Avignon serves to a liberal broad minded audience that eagerly waits for the season. The multitude of exposures presented at the Opera d' Avignon also includes other spectacles such as - Lyric operas, oratorio, concerts, operettas, dance, chamber music, concerts symphonic, theatre, varieties, jazz, humor. It is successful in garnering huge profits from a broad audience.

Being an essential part of the cultural radiation of the city, it also reserves a significant place with the contemporary repertory . It also acts as a stage offering ample opportunities to the young interpreters, singers and musicians. After the indisputable success gained by the exposures presented at the Opera-Theatre , it modulates its exposures from time to time. The exposures presented at Opera d' Avignon becomes more pleasing to the people with the inclusion of new poetic programs and music concerts.

The Opera-theatre of Avignon and the Countries of Vaucluse since its early days constitutes an important tool for the culture inhabitant of Avignon  . Person who is in complete charge of Oper d' Avignon is Mrs Anne Saulay. In the coming years it wishes to maintain and share with the greatest number of people the renewed pleasure of the exposures to the Opera.
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