Squash in Avignon

If you are thinking that Avignon is famous just for its picturesque locations and nightlife, then give it second thought, you might just be missing out something. Avignon is also very active in sports .Whether you are as ports person or just a passive viewer, you can enjoy sports at its best out here.For squash lovers, Avignon is a place that is bound to delight them.

In Avignon, it is not a club of squash but a club of sport specially meant for squash players where the body builders cohabit agreeably, bikers, steppers, amateurs of stretching with as not common the desire for tasting then with the space relaxation which includes/understands a sauna, a hammam, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool of aqua gym.

Some 1500 members practice at various and varied hours as they please. Open at convenient hours, several professors will make you personalized programs of drives and each one at its rate/rhythm will be able to work.

For squash there are 4 courts in the courts which accommodate you very well. Roomy cloakrooms enable you to put yourself in behavior before practicing your favorite sport.

Squash association in Avignon was created three years ago to allow this club, where the squash had not been structured, to be able to organize the things gradually, to develop, to make themselves known and create an environment between the squashes.

Some fundamental principles of squash :-

The squash is of a very lucid approach. It is a very technical sport.
If you wish to progress quickly and take thus more pleasure to practice it, some lessons with one of the 160 patented teachers of State of squash… you will not regret it! Guiding principles which can help you in this game are:

•  To replace itself with T
•  To further send the ball possible T: the two back corners fronts, two corners.
•  The most effective trajectories are those stuck to the side walls called parallels
•  To play the balls having rebounded in the left half with the shoulders vis-à-vis the left and vice versa wall
•  Stop to strike the ball
•  To avoid placing its supports in the grayed zone (B)

So, come to Avignon and try out this game. Greet the city and enjoy the sport!
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