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The Theatre de la Danse Avignon

The summer in Avignon is not to be missed as Avignon has been the pillar of summer festivals for decades, although the emphasis has traditionally been on dramatic theater and musical theatrical expressions but the summer Avignon extravaganza is also aimed at celebrating the art of dance which is spectacle in itself. The Théâtre de la Danse , 1 rue Ste Catherine offers courses and performances year round.

Theatre de la Danse, Avignon is a dance studio where many eminent choreographers and budding dance artistes perform. It is also the platform for the presentation of the dancing skills of the young dancers. At several instances group of distinguished dancers have been called in to make their dance presentations at Theatre de la Danse Golovine

In the year 2007 a group of distinguished choreographers will arrive in Avignon, France to be featured in "The 36th International Choreographers' Showcase". A presentation of Dance-Forms Productions for the people of Avignon is scheduled to be presented at Theatre de la Danse Golovine

Theatre de la Danse Golovine offers choreographers an excellent opportunity to perform their work, make contact with the press, numerous dance directors, producers, presenters and other artists. It is the perfect studio where you can not only engage in the workshops but also make important contacts with the established group of choreographers. Theatre de la Danse Golovine showcases not only the choreography of dancing artistes but also offers dance courses, exhibitions and projections.

The course also includes everything from Bollywood, capoeira, hip-hop and African dance to ballet, salsa and ballroom dancing. Several dance courses are offered in the Theater de la danse. You can also be a witness to the amazing dance performances that takes place almost all round the year. Theatre de la Danse Golovine puts on a varied program of theater, music and improvization evenings that is very interesting and amusing.

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