Theatres in Avignon

Avignon is not only a city of museums and monuments but is also a hub of cultural activities of France. In fact, Avignon is famous all over the world for its theatre festivals. You also must have heard about the rich culture of Avignon. Once you reach there, you will find a lot of famous  theatres in Avignon.

While on a trip of the cinemas & theatres in Avignon, that you must see are:

» Opéra théâtre d'Avignon et des pays de Vaucluse- This is situated at Place de l'Horloge - BP 111. Here you can watch dance, music and opera from September to June.

» Les Ateliers d'Amphoux- The address of this place is 10-12 rue d'Amphoux. This theatre was inaugurated in 1998 and here a variety of programs take place including reading and thematic meetings. An important place in the culture of Avignon

» Théâtre du Bourg neuf: This is at 5 bis, rue du Bourg Neuf. Here you can watch plays all year round. A famous musical event named » Passion d'avril » (April passion) is also held here.

» Théâtre du Balcon: This theatre was founded in 1983 by the Serge Barbuscia company and its address is 38, rue Guillaume Puy. It is responsible for infusing new life in the career of many performers.

» Théâtre du Cabestan: This theatre is situated in 11, rue Collège de la Croix. Here the 'Festival Off' is organized. It has an open stage receptive to live performances.

» Théâtre des Carmes: This theatre at 6, place des Carmes has a glorious history of over 40 years. Founded by actor-author André Benedetto, this has become the epitome of Avignon's cultural heritage. Here you can watch theme evening, poetry and song programs as also in-house theatre creations.

» Théâtre du Chêne Noir: This important venue of Avignon is at 8 bis, rue Ste Catherine.

» Théâtre du Chien qui fume: This cultural venue of Avignon is at 75, rue des Teinturiers.

» Théâtre des Halles: This theatre at 4, rue Noël Biret, rue du Roi René is one of the famous places in Avignon. A must visit site for any tourist.
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