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Villeneuve en Scene Avignon

Avignon 's cultural scene hits the headlines each July, with the Avignon Festival , as well as a separate musical theatre festival , Villeneuve en Scène . The Villeneuve en Scène is one of the biggest musical theatre festival. If you are visiting the French city in the summer month then do not forget to witness the finest musical theater festival of Avignon, Villeneuve en Scène .

People from far off places do come to witness the much talked about theater festival that showcases the various works of the famous literary figures of the world. The festival lends musical expressions to the famous works of the great artistes.

The Chartreuse , at Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, showcases the contemporary theatre of the Avignon Festival, as well as a separate musical theatre festival, Villeneuve en Scène . The programme for 2003 included a performance of Romeo and Juliet in the cour du lycée Saint-Joseph, ‘equestrian theatre' in the parc des Expositions-Chateaublanc, as well as author readings in the cours du Musée Calvet .

The Musical theater Festival Villeneuve en Scène, submerges the venerable City of the Popes with the finest musical presentation of the literary works of the great artistes it showcases. Villeneuve en Scène, the musical theater festival always score high on the success scale and is very popular among all the French people. The festival owes its huge success due to the enthusiastic public . The musical theatre festival, Villeneuve en Scène is filled with tourists from many parts of the country

So for the summer you can fix your appointment with the musical theatrical festival Villeneuve en Scène , Avignon . The locals say that if you happen to visit the beautiful country of Avignon, France then it is important to be a witness to the amazing musical festival, Villeneuve en Scène once in your lifetime. The musical theater festival is sure to leave you mesmerized with the magical musical theatrical expressions it showcases. The experience of the musical theater festival would sure leave you spellbound and the magic it arouses is certain to linger in your hearts for a long time.

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