Jardin de la Tour Avignon

While you are on a trip to Avignon, you must eat at least once in Jardin de la Tour, Avignon . This place has earned a niche for itself among the best restaurants of France . The owner of this excellent restaurant of Avignon which is located at 9 rue de la Tour is Jean-Marc Larrue. This creative and experienced chef is well-known all over France for his culinary skills. If you want, you can even join the cookery courses coordinated by him in Avignon.

It will be life time experience for those of you who are interested in cooking. It might be possible that many of you do not recognize the restaurant at the first sight because it is located in a relatively quiet and small street. However, once you find the restaurant you will find it is unique in many ways. Once you reach the door, you get a warm welcome from the gatekeeper, which makes you feel at home immediately. Get inside this restaurant of Avignon , and you will feel as if you have reached the medieval period.

That is because the restaurant has beautifully decorated wooden beams. Now comes the most important part, i.e. the food. The cuisine of this restaurant is essentially authentic French having a Provençal twist. However, sometimes in the cuisines of this restaurant , you will find a mixture of elements from other culinary traditions. The menu of the restaurant changes quite frequently and here you can always enjoy the creative cuisines of this restaurant made with beef Charolais, aioli and various flavored beans. You can try the specialty of the restaurant fish duet.

Do not forget to taste the famous dessert of Jardin de la Tour, Avignon . It is another specialty of the restaurant . It is cream burnt with the honey of lavender and it will feel your mouth with a heavenly taste. Before going to Jardin de la Tour make sure that you know the timing beforehand. It is open from Tuesday-Sunday between 12:00 -14:00 for lunch and for dinner you can come here between 19:00 - 22:00 from Tuesday-Saturday. However, check beforehand whether it is closed if you are coming in August, because the restaurant is closed for any two weeks in August. If you are touring Avignon with your pet, then also you can visit this restaurant because pets are allowed here.

So whenever you are coming to Avignon make it a point to have either lunch or dinner at Jardin de la Tour, Avignon, otherwise you will miss eating in one of the best restaurants of France .
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