Pub Z Avignon

For enjoying life to the fullest, trendy nightclubs, bars and pubs have made all the arrangements for enjoyment. There are wide and spacious dance floors with psychedelic lightings, knowlegeble DJ's, good food, exotic alcoholic beverages and sophisticated company to make a night out very memorable. When you are on your holiday to Avignon and dying to have a bit of fun, then do not leave out Pub Z, Avignon for experiencing a little bit of pleasure.

Pub Z, Avignon is located at 58, rue Bonneterie. It is at the corner of rue Bonneterie and Artaud . The pub is open till very late at night so even if you drop at around 12 at night, you will still have at least one and a half hours to enjoy yourself.

The pub closes at 1.30 AM. Pub Z 's owner is a rocker who is just crazy about zebras. You will find zebras everywhere in this pub, they are the dominant feature of the décor here. Needless to say, it is something very original, if you are an appreciator of unusual, then this definitely is the place for you.

Even more interesting things here are related to the crowd that frequents this place. You will find all sorts! Assortments of arty serious types as well as die hard party freaks come here and they all enjoy themselves. The place is jam packed in week ends, so try to make your visit during the week at early hours.

You will definitely be bowled over by the the jungle theme and zebras, the entrance is painted like a zebra. Black and white combination is a very striking background for a rocking party. The crowd gets rowdy as the evening wears on and rock and alternative music form the background for dancing.
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