Getting By Car

Motorways (autoroutes) bear the prefix ‘A', national roads ‘N' and minor roads (départementales) are classed as ‘D' roads. Traffic drives on the right and drivers must give way to the right, unless the route is marked with 'passage protégé' signs (a broad arrow, a yellow diamond or an ‘X' on a triangular background) or if the driver is at a roundabout indicating ‘Vous n'avez pas la priorité'. Tolls (péages) are enforced.

For those who love long drives and driving hours, getting to Avignon by car is also possible. Avignon is situated on such a traffic crossroad axis that you can drive from most of the European cities to Avignon. Highways connect Avignon to Germany, Italy and all the major French cities, because of the geographical position of Avignon and therefore from all the destinations north of the city you can take the A9 motorway and come to Avignon.

If you are coming down from Nimes, Barcelona or any other destination from the south of the city then also you can take the A9 motorway. The motorways of Avignon are excellent and have clear signposts; therefore you will have no problems while driving into Avignon. From Marseilles you can reach Avignon in about 1 hour time but it will take you about 6 hours if you plan to go from Paris.

Speed limits are 130kph (81mph) on motorways, 110kph (68mph) on dual carriageways separated by a central reservation, 90kph (56mph) outside built-up areas and 50kph (31mph) in built-up areas.
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