Getting Around

Avignon, France is located in such a way that you will have no problem in getting to the city. The transportation system in Avignon is highly appreciable. You can come here by availing various modes of transport.

Air Transport :
Avignon airport is situated around 8k.m southeast of the centre and at the Exposition Centre beside the main N7 highway. The easiest way of going to Avignon is by air. The closest International airport is situated in Marseilles; about 30 kilometers from Avignon You will find taxis in front of the airport which will take you to the city.

Trains :
The city Avignon is situated on the main line of Paris-Lyon-nice-Italy and it is an easy ride on train for 31/2 hour. The France's high-speed train is available from Paris. There are also many rain connections from other parts of France. The train station is situated just beside the porte de la Republique on the southern edge of centre. The Avignon station is very much modern which can accommodate 340-metre length of TGV train. You will get some facilities in the Avignon station. There is a luggage facility, toilets, usual facility and Cafés. Announcement in different languages will make your journey easier.

Buses :
Avignon is connected by highway to Lyon, Paris, Germany and Italy and with all the main cities of France. You can take a bus or drive a car from most European cities, because it is situated on traffic crossroad blocs.

Boat :
You can be very happy to experience the travel between Avignon and Villeneuve by boat. It runs during the month of July and August for six times per day.

The taxi service is run by the Taxi Radio Avignonnais. The main taxi ranks are placed in front of the central and new TGV rail stations.
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